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Dwr-Y-Felin Girls Blazer

Dwr Y Felin School Blazer is designed for everyday use around the school. Its a hard wearing garment and is a very good quality, it comes in various different sizes. The blazer is made from eco- friendly materials, and comes with the school logo embroiderd on the left chest pocket.

WEARING - These blazers are very hard wearing and can, if cared for correctly, last for a long time. However one common cause of fabric damage and reduction in the quality of the blazers appearance is abrasion by certain kinds of rucksack’s. Rough nylon rucksacks when worn against the blazer can cause pilling and will damage the fabric……make sure you choose your rucksack carefully! Please note that both the jetted pockets and the chest pocket on the Jackets are stitched down, if you choose to use these pockets, please carefully unpick the tack stitching. (Paying extra care not to unpick any pocket stitching.) 

WASHING - Can be machine washed at 40ºC, if ‘Not too dirty, wash at 30ºC’. Please avoid strong or surplus amounts of fabric conditioners. Dry cleaned if preferred.

DRYING - Do not tumble dry, simply hang up to dry…… very Eco Friendly!

IRONING -  If the garment is hung up to dry it shouldn’t need ironing. However if you feel it needs a press to get a smart finish, then please do not iron directly on the fabric use a clean damp cloth between the garment and the iron and ensure the iron is on a cool setting. 

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